Adaptogenic Sports Supplement

• 126 capsules of Overpower Alpha + Omega per shipment
• Packaged in cardboard pouches
• Sufficient for one month. The cycle is 3 weeks on and 1 week off at daily dosing of 3+3 capsules.
• Postal delivery every 4 weeks

99.00 € / month


The plant based performance enhancer

· Improve performance
· Informed Sports certificate
· Recover faster
· 100% Natural

Clean - Effective - Safe
Registered as a dietary supplement

"I use Overpower during my training season."

Markus Kemetter, Triathlete, Kona Ironman Finisher

Adaptogenic Sports Supplement

Overpower is formulated to increase performance in active athletes by improving their biological stress responses across the body system, and thereby accelerating the recovery process after physical exercise.


About Overpower

Improved performance and faster recovery

Overpower is designed to increase the body’s generic stress resistance without an increase in oxygen consumption or heat generation. The result is decreased sensitivity to stressors, relative improvements in the working of active body systems and prolonged time to exhaustion. Recovery gets easier and the risk of overtraining decreases.

Stress response

Stress is an essential adaptation for performance. The stress response is activated by physical, physiological or psychological stimulation when a person faces inner or external challenges.
Activation of the central stress response mechanism results in the release of a cascade of stress and catabolic hormones, inflammatory cytokines and microbial molecules. Heart rate increases, breathing quickens and the liver begins to release glucose to pump out extra energy.

System with two parts – Alpha and Omega

Overpower utilizes a two-part formula taken in a sequence to achieve a better, extended effect in the body.
Alpha is formulated to support dopamine levels, anabolic hormonal activity, cellular energy availability, uptake of oxygen and the delivery of micronutrients into deep tissues.
Omega is formulated to slow down the recall of dopamine, support glucose metabolism and oxygen utilization, modulate heart rate and nitric oxide levels, and to suppress the buildup of excess lactate in active muscles. 

Maintain a lower heart rate at all times

The stress-adaptive effect of Overpower can typically be measured from improved resting heart rates onwards from 1-2 weeks of utilization, even with baseline rates between 40-50 BPM.

Heart rate training

A lowered resting heart rate is a key goal of Overpower supplementation. Focus on tracking the trend in your nightly resting heart rate averages to assess its effect on recovery and preparedness.

Our performance enhancement philosophy

The best performance-enhancing agents for the long term are safe and natural compounds that minimize exhaustion by acting on the physiological parameters that react to physical load the fastest: oxygen consumption, heart rate and phosphagen and carbohydrate metabolism.

When combined into a precise formulation, these compounds are able to minimize exhaustion from its onset on all active organ systems – muscular, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and immune.