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We’re offering dedicated endurance athletes the chance to try out natural means of performance enhancement. The challenge is hosted by triathlete and triathlon announcer Robson Lindberg.


Overpower offers a modern, data-driven take on performance enhancement with natural compounds. It’s efficacy is based on the systemic reduction of physical stress’ impact on the body as a method of performance enhancement.

Sports Adaptogen by Rohtos Labs

Overpower is a herbal extract system that trains the body to better combat stress. It activates the same body functions as physical practice, caloric restriction, heat / cold exposure and high-altitude training.

Overpower is formulated to increase the body’s stress resistance without an increase in oxygen consumption or heat generation. The result is decreased sensitivity to stressors, relative improvements in the working of active body systems and prolonged time to exhaustion. Recovery gets easier and the risk of overtraining decreases.

Overpower is based on adaptogens – a class of botanicals with the ability to increase stress resilience on a cellular level by modulating the way organs react to stress.

Overpower Subscription
Overpower Subscription

Overpower Subscription

99.00 €

• 126 capsules of Overpower Alpha + Omega per shipment

• Packaged in cardboard pouches

• Sufficient for one month. The cycle is 3 weeks on and 1 week off at daily dosing of 3+3 capsules.

• Postal delivery every 4 weeks