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Overpower+ is for athletes who are working to improve their results. Subscription program gives you an easy to use, ready combination of supplements that has been shown to improve both performance level and recovery time.

 work best when taken constantly. Their effect cumulates over time. Subscription service contains the optimal combination of three supplements packaged ready for you to use.

are scheduled to arrive at your doorstep every 14 days. The first shipment contains some extra to make sure you don’t experience any gaps should the mail take a few days longer at some point.

SUBSCRIBE  | 39.95 € / 2 weeks
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Compatible with any endurance training program

Overpower+ is a recurring subscription to a performance + recovery -enhancing supplementation regimen. Designed in co-operation with athletes, sport scientists and biochemists.

Overpower+ is a WADA compliant sport supplement for professional endurance athletes. It comes as a two-part formulation, Alpha and Omega. You can adjust the dosage according to your situation and needs:

1+1 capsules = low dose, suitable as a maintenance dose during recovery and periods of low stress.

2+2 capsules = average dose, suitable for light to moderate training and moderate stress.

3+3 capsules = full dose, suitable for heavy, frequent training and stress.

We recommend starting Overpower with a front loading period of 4–7 days at full dose of 3 Alpha + 3 Omega, then adjusting down if necessary.

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Jukka Huovinen, Sports Scientist


For those who strive for the top.

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Usage instructions

Standard recommended cycle is 28 days – 21 days of use followed by 7 days break.

21 days
ALPHA 3 x capsules | morning
OMEGA 3 x capsules | afternoon

7 days
SHIELD x 3 capsules

We recommend that Alpha is taken in the morning before noon and Omega 4–5 hours later, or an hour before training.

Recommended to take on an empty stomach.