OVERPOWER – Plant based performance enhancer

What's your goal?

Overpower trains your body to better combat stress. It activates the same body functions as physical practice, caloric restriction, heat / cold exposure and high-altitude training. 

Regular exerciser subscription –
49.90 € / month

  • 42 + 42 capsules of Overpower Alpha + Omega per shipment
  • Packaged in cardboard pouches
  • Sufficient for a 3-week regimen at daily dosing of 2+2 caps 
  • Postal delivery every 4 weeks
  • 14 + 14 extra capsules in the first shipment

Pro athlete subscription –
69.90 € / month

  • 63 + 63 capsules of Overpower Alpha + Omega per shipment
  • Packaged in cardboard pouches
  • Sufficient for a 3-week regimen at daily dosing of 3+3 caps
  • Postal delivery every 4 weeks
  • 21 + 21 extra capsules in the first shipment

One-time purchase –
119 €

  • 63 + 63 capsules of Overpower Alpha + Omega
  • Packaged in Miron glass bottles
  • Sufficient for a 3-week regimen at daily dosing of 3+3 caps, or up to 63 usage days at lower doses.
  • Express delivery

Overpower comes in two parts – Alpha and Omega.

Overpower utilizes a 2-part formula to achieve a better, extended effect in the body. Alpha increases dopamine, anabolic hormonal activity, levels of cellular energy, uptake of oxygen and delivery of micronutrients into deep tissues. Omega slows down the recall of dopamine, improves utilization of glucose and oxygen, modulates heart rate and nitric oxide levels and suppresses the buildup of excess lactate in active muscles. 

Cyclical regimen

Overpower is best used cyclically, with breaks in use. Breaks prevent the body from becoming accustomed to the bioactivity of Overpower and thereby maintain its efficacy. Our standard cycle is 28 days – 21-d of use followed by a 7-d break. 


Overpower when you need extreme endurance

Maintain a lower heart rate at all times

The stress-adaptive effect of Overpower can be measured from improvement in resting heart rate within 1-2 weeks of utilization, even with baseline heart rates between 40-50 BPM.

Heart rate training

A lowered resting heart rate is a key goal of Overpower supplementation. Engage in a bit of biohacking and start tracking your nightly resting heart rates. Following resting heart averages is a great way to assess recovery, preparedness and the level of conditioning.

Noora Honkala

Elite Ultra Runner

"Overpower helps me recover faster."

Jukka Huovinen

Sports Scientist and cyclist

"I've been using Overpower for over a year now and my power generation (measured with an ergometer) has improved remarkably."

Jenni Kivioja

MMA Fighter

"My stress hormone (cortisol) level lowered significantly during a course of Overpower supplementation."

Clean - effective - safe  |  Registered as a dietary supplement.

Each Overpower batch is comprehensively screened for banned substances in order to fully protect athletes and the integrity of sports. Zero doping, zero false alerts, 100% effective.


Overpower – more resilience and better performance


The ingredients in Overpower have been – and continue to be utilized in their natural habitats by Norsemen, Sherpas, Siberian tribes, militaries, professional athletes and more. The Soviets had their own combination adaptogen, ADAPT-232. The science and testing done on it form the basis of Overpower formulation.

Product category

Sports adaptogen for training + competition

Product category

Designed by athletes, biochemists and sports scientists

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100% natural, safe and clean

Product category

Effect tracking from specific biomarkers

Product category

Designed for active endurance athletes


Beginning from the brain, our body responds to challenging situations in a certain way. Heart rate increases, breathing quickens, liver releases glucose for energy and a cascade of substances like adrenaline and cortisol are released from glands.

Resistance to extreme conditions is not determined by a single concrete biochemical process, but by a multitude of stress responses and their reaction speed. 


A class of botanicals has the ability to increase the body’s tolerance to external stress by modifying stress responses. Heart rate stays lower, oxygen intake is boosted, glucose sparing turns on and the hormonal balance is maintained. 

Adaptogenic Sports Supplement

Overpower is formulated to increase performance in active athletes by improving their biological stress responses across the body system, and thereby accelerating the recovery process after physical exercise.

Four n’s of adaptogens

Nourish — supply continuous power by delivering micronutrients and oxygen.

Normalise — raise biochemical parameters that are too low and lower the ones that are too high.

Non-specific — act on all active parts of the body, at the same time.

Non-toxic — completely safe over extended periods of time.

Our performance enhancement philosophy

The best performance-enhancing agents for the long term are safe and natural compounds that minimize exhaustion by acting on the physiological parameters that react to physical load the fastest: oxygen consumption, heart rate and phosphagen and carbohydrate metabolism.

When combined into a precise formulation, these compounds are able to minimize exhaustion from its onset on all active organ systems – muscular, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and immune.

Why subscribe?

While Overpower has an acute performance- boosting effect, its effect accrues and gets stronger over time and remains over baseline over extended periods with correct usage.

Overpower subscription provides long-term supplementation at a discounted rate and offers great value for money. It comes packaged in slim, eco-friendly cardboard packaging for delivery directly into your mailbox. The subscription is flexible so you can terminate it anytime.

Deliveries are scheduled to arrive at your doorstep once a month. The first shipment contains some extras to ensure you don’t experience any gaps should the delivery take longer than expected.


Any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to ask for more information from our team!