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Maintain – Metabolic Support

Ordinary life subjects everyone to progressive wear and tear. Polyphenols are an important part of a healthy diet and evidence suggests that the more you get them, the better your perception of wellness is and the fewer health issues you face. Supplementation is a perfect way to ensure sufficient polyphenol intake. Enter Maintain.

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Heightened Quality of Life

Maintain by Rohtos Labs is designed to improve one’s quality of life by providing effective maintenance for the mind and the body. Conveniently in a single dose and for every day. Maintain is also effective boost for exercise – supporting oxygen intake, muscle growth and helping shift body composition.

Maintain’s formulation is based on the best health-promoting polyphenols and sulforaphanes in the form of organic quality matcha, green tea extract, and superb TrueBroc® broccoli extract. Green tea and broccoli are two true superfoods. Their key constituents are bioactive across all major organ systems and capable of broad positive activity in the body.

Besides green tea catechins, other polyphenols and the sulforaphane of broccoli, Maintain provides vital and hard-to-obtain micronutrients: vitamins K and B6, folate, iron and selenium. In addition, there is amino acid theanine, which is an effective relaxant and already familiar to green tea drinkers.

More than just antioxidants. Polyphenomenal.

The mechanisms underlying the protective effects of polyphenols include not only their antioxidant capacity, but also improved sugar response, body composition, better handling of mental stress, the oxidative response, elimination of carcinogenic agents and healthy cell renewal.

Maintain provides maintenance for the whole body system. The Chinese consider green tea one of the seven ingredients essential for daily living, and we share their opinion.

Green tea and broccoli, both subjects of thorough research, possess a wide array of beneficial properties. Our hot takes include mood support, healthy aging processes, elimination of toxins, fat-burning properties, blood sugar and cholesterol control, hormonal balance and skin health.

Maintain pairs well with bodily movement. Green tea has been shown to be effective in increasing fat burn in conjunction with cardio exercise. Sulforaphane inhibits proteins produced by muscle cells to limit their own growth and thereby supports muscle growth. Boccoli contents also yield natural DIM, a compound that helps balance sex hormones.

We’ve paid special attention to absorption, as this can be a challenge with plant-based compounds. Maintain contains ingredients that increase the absorption of its key health-promoting compounds to achieve meaningful levels in vivo. Enough but not too much – the dosages are well within safe limits.

We should really eat our broccoli

Broccoli has been gaining a justified reputation as a health promoter due to its high level of a particularly beneficial compound called sulforaphane. To be exact, sulforaphane is created in the body from two other compounds in broccoli. Proper care is needed to have them present and intact when consumed. Maintain is formulated to provide an optimal sulforaphane yield.


Mechanism of Action

Broad metabolic modulation, antioxidative.

Areas of Application

Neurotransmitter production and mood, healthy aging processes, skin health and UV protection, hormonal balance, metabolism of cholesterol, sugar and fat, fat burning, muscle growth and oxygen uptake together with exercise, antioxidation and inflammation suppression.


2–8 capsules per day.

Goes Well With

Sources of Vitamin C - for general antioxidation, absorption of green tea catechins
CoQ10 - for antioxidation in the central nervous system
Fish oil - for increasing bioavailability, brain health
Curcumin - for generic inflammation, stomach wellness
Dermal skincare - for skin wellbeing

Shield by Rohtos Labs - for systemic antioxidation with both primary and secondary antioxidants
Overpower by Rohtos Labs - for compounded intra-exercise benefits

Things to note

It is important to take Maintain on an empty stomach. Especially protein hinders the absorption of its bioactive ingredients.

The amount of phytochemicals contained in Rohtos Labs Maintain are within safe limits. According to EFSA recommendation, up to 800 mg of green tea catechins (EGCG) is considered safe (equals 16 capsules of Maintain).


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