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Supplementation program as a subscription. Better performance and improved recovery.

39.95 e / 14 days  – 2.85 e / day

Designed for endurance athletes – Precise supplementation made easy

What is Overpower Pro?

Overpower Pro is a subscription program that gives athletes easy access to precise, proven and ready-to-use capsuled combinations of botanicals and micronutrients to improve both performance and recovery.  

To improve performance during training (or competition) phases in a sport season, Overpower Pro utilizes our flagship 2-part Overpower formulation –  a combination of adaptogenic botanicals with the ability to increase stress resilience, and hence, performance, without an increase in oxygen consumption or heat generation.

To support recovery, Overpower Pro comes with our Shield formulation. Shield is formulated to boost our body’s glutathione levels and thereby support speedy processing of metabolic waste such as excess lactic acid, helps control inflammation, replenish the body's inner antioxidant capacity and provide select micronutrients depleted by physical stress.

Program structure

Overpower Pro is based on a 28-day repeat schedule, with 21 days of Overpower at full dose, followed by 7 days of Shield at full dose. The 21-7 days structure corresponds with the standard training cycle of 21 days of training followed by 7 day recovery time.

Why subscribe?

Get effortless access and cost-effective to a best-of-breed sports supplementation program. For the daily price of an average energy drink, Overpower Pro provides select micronutrients and premium botanicals from across the globe, in precise and synergistic combinations, and at doses that are sufficient for even the hardest training and competition.


  • A supplementation program as a subscription
  • Cyclical program with performance + recovery phases
  • 21 days of Overpower at full dose
  • 7 days of Shield at full dose
  • Shipment and billing every 14 days
  • Delivered in an envelope straight to your home
  • Terminate anytime
  • Cost-effective