Systemic performance support

The price of one dose (2–6 caps.), depending on dosage, is 2.37 € for monthly subscribers and 2.84 € for one-time purchasers.

Hard physical activity stresses the body, depletes its resources and unsettles its inner balance. Select herbal compounds offer means to modulate diverse physical stress reactions and to increase endurance. When used as a purposefully formulated combination, their effect encompasses all major organ systems relevant to physical performance.

Adaptogens are proven to work better when used together. Rohtos Labs Overpower’s 100% natural formulation contains five of the best performance adaptogens and a supporting cast of other phytochemicals as effectively dosed, standardized extracts. Overpower is designed to provide effective physical performance support and to maintain an optimal level of performance while subjected repetitively or continuously to stress, under maximal load or in harsh conditions.

Rohtos Labs Overpower excels in performance support across all fields of action, both endurance and resistance training and during all phases of a workout – pre, intra and post. Training at aerobic and anaerobic heart rate rates. Preparation, competition and transition. Extended activity near VO2max or at high altitudes. With limited recovery. Over long-term.

Rohtos Labs uses the progress of average resting heart rate as the key physiological indicator of performance adaptation. We recommend pairing Overpower with a quality heart rate monitor for tracking and for training at or near one’s VO2max.

Overpower has a two-part formula, Alpha and Omega, which provide versatility with regards to dosage size, dose combinations and timing of usage.

Compounds in Alpha are grouped to primarily target muscle and endocrine functions – especially the steroid hormone metabolism, oxygen intake, and to act a superb electrolyte with over 40 minerals in highly bioavailable ionic form.

Omega contains three premier invigorating Qi tonics of traditional Chinese medicine and primarily modulates functions related to stamina and energy levels during performance as well as post-performance recovery.

A set of super herbs known categorically as “adaptogens” condition our stress resistance by modulating bodily stress reactions, with each adaptogen targeting different pathways. Rohtos Labs Overpower formulation is designed to create a body-wide adaptative effect where simultaneous and meticulous usage of multiple adaptogenic compounds results in conditioning of sub-optimal body functions to a higher level of functional balance.

Mechanism of Action

Overpower is designed to modulate our body’s diverse phased reactions to strain before the stage of exhaustion. Adaptogenic compounds are capable of activating or deactivating the expression of hundreds of genes, acting as mild stressors which mimic body’s stress reactions resulting from external factors and thereby modulating hormonal and protein production.

Overpower is composed of five best performance supporting adaptogenic compounds, complemented with a cast of five other natural full spectrum compounds. The blend is literally packed full with hundreds of bioactive compounds. Adaptogens are proven to be more effective when used in combination. Their combination usage creates synergies and may extend their effect to such metabolic processes that they do not modulate when used alone, and possibly help activate a state where multiple stress-modulating factors collectively push the body to adapt and rebalance, with improved stress resistance over multiple areas as the result.

The experiential effect of Overpower starts in roughly four days and becomes more pronounced until 14 days’ time. The effect cumulates over time with concurrent usage cycles, is subjective to person’s metabolic condition, proportional to training effort and becomes more pronounced when a person is tired or actively stressed.


Rohtos Labs Overpower is recommended to be used in a cyclical manner where a period of usage is followed by off time. The OP Standard Usage Cycle is 28 days long, with 21 days of usage followed by 7 days off.

The recommended Overpower dosage for high strain (relative to personal maximum) is 3 capsules each of Alpha and Omega daily. For lesser strain, Overpower performs with a smaller dosage, for example 1+ 2 capsules daily. Alpha and Omega can also be taken in different combinations, or alone, according to personal preference.

Its is recommended to take Alpha before Midday and preferable at or near the same time daily. Omega can be taken flexibly, for example in the afternoon to provide a metabolic boost for the rest of the day, or one hour before performance for acute support.

It is recommended to take Overpower on an empty stomach and especially to avoid simultaneous protein intake. A small dose of oil, for example Coconut or Olive oil, enhances the absorption of Overpower’s fat-soluble compounds.

Things to Note

The cyclical use of adaptogens has been traditionally the recommended methods so as to maintain the long-term potency of their stress-mimicking effects and to provide the body with downtime.

Adaptogens have a long history of utilization, are low in toxicity, have no tolerance build-up and possess no abuse potential. They do not alter the state of consciousness and their long-term use has not been reported to cause any psychological side effects.

If you are on medication, please consult your doctor for possible interactions.

Goes Well With

Exercise – for capability building and training motivation

Performance – for optimal level of performance

Rest – for sleep integrity and recovery

Ketosis - for blood sugar and energy preference modulation, electrolyte provision, keto flu symptoms

Schizandra Sinensis – for synergistic stress- modulating effects

Nigella Sativa – for testosterone modulation

DHEA, Pregnenolone – for steroid hormone precursor supply

Pomegranate juice – for weight training

Chlorella - for lung function and oxygen intake

Taurine – for performance in hot conditions

BCAA’s – for muscle recovery

Rohtos Labs Maintain - for intra-exercise fat oxidation, reduced carb oxidation, steroid hormone balance, muscle synthesis

Active ingredients

Cordyceps is a Chinese medicinal mushroom. Its effects on sports performance have been studied a lot.

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Velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) is a good source of L-DOPA and also contains other compounds that work in co-operation with L-DOPA.

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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a shrub-like plant and the king of ayurveda medicine. It is commonly used as anxiolyte (an agent that inhibits anxiety) and as an adaptogen to help the body adapt to both physical and mental stress and stressors.

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Shilajit is a versatile mixture of minerals that has been traditionally used in ayurveda medicine.

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Caffeine may be commonplace, but it is a well-performing stimulant. The caffeine we use is extracted from organically grown green coffee beans.

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Eleuthero is a small shrub-like plant that grows in the Northeast Asia, where it has been traditionally used against fatigue. According to research, it can enhance performance in high intensity physical strain.

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Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic root that is used e.g. to reduce exhaustion and tiredness.

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Panax ginseng is the most well-known ginseng plant. Its root has been traditionally used to heighten the immune system function, enhance congnitive ability and combat fatigue.

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Acerola is an excellent natural source of vitamin C. Acerola extract exists in the Overpower formula in order to make other ingredients absorb better.

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Piperine is a flavonoid extracted from black pepper that significantly enhances the absorption of other compounds taken at the same time.

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