Overpower in Action, Part 2

Overpower in Action, Part 2


CrossFit is extremely popular. Often dubbed “the sport of fitness”, CrossFit’s constantly varied and challenging workouts executed at high intensity form a training program that is ideal for conditioning and building strength effectively.

The defining characteristics of CrossFit – highly varied functional movements, high intensity and the in-built drive for progress with regards to conditioning make Rohtos Labs Overpower an ideal companion to systematic, progress-oriented CrossFit training.

Overpower’s system-wide effect and versatility make it a well-suited and convenient choice to augment one’s CrossFit regimen. Overpower is designed to excel in performance support across all fields of action. It is beneficial for both endurance and resistance training and during all phases of a workout. It supports heart function in both aerobic and anaerobic heart rate zones. It can help with oxygen intake, blood flow and lung function. Recovery is easier, so it is possible to train more – and gain more.

Mr. Kim Nystrom, aged 50, is a CrossFit trainer and a competitive athlete, and one of the best conditioned men on the continent of Europe. Kim’s level of conditioning is evidenced by the fact that he’s won five CrossFit competitions in his age group within the last year, including Athens and Rome Throwdowns in April and May, 2019.

Kim trains 4–5 days a week, up to two hours at a time. Kim has been taking Overpower since early May and is now into his second 3-week usage cycle. We’ve been field-tracking the effects of Overpower on Kim’s personal parameters utilizing the Overpower Tracking Protocol – measuring heart rates across the cycle (with an Oura Ring), doing sprint tests and having bloodwork done before and after Overpower usage.

Although Kim’s Overpower usage period has been short, the first test results are already very promising. And once more, there’s a clear subjective feeling of better recovery (partly a consequence of adaptations in muscle function during performance).

Please stay tuned for more, as we will progress through the Overpower Protocol. In the meantime, here’s a short intro clip and some initial subjective written impressions from Mr. Nystrom himself:

“I had a long-term target of being in the best physical shape of my life when I turn 50. Because of hard work, tenacity and drive that goal was fulfilled last October and can be evidenced by the five gold medals won during the past year. With a stringent training and competition schedule good recovery is extremely important to me – especially at this age. With the recent addition of Overpower I already feel my recovery has improved and I am very excited to see where this will take me.”

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