Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured by us in Finland.

We hand pick all the ingredients used, and source them directly from their original manufacturers or trustworthy wholesalers in the EU or USA. All ingredients have been analysed in a laboratory with regards to the concentration of agents, as well as their impurities.

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are sold at our online store, and we ship to everywhere in the EU as well as other applicable countries (check for availability). Our products are also available from selected retailers:


How long will I have to wait for my order?

All orders received through our online store are usually shipped the same day. The average delivery time is 1-3 weekdays within Finland, and 3-6 weekdays to other locations in the EU.

Have your products been tested?

We test our products in cooperation with our partners both during their development phase and after being made available for purchase. The effectiveness of each individual product is tested with applicable target groups and experts. For example, with our Overpower product line, we are conducting ongoing research and tests with a group consisting of specialists and national level endurance athletes.

Is there evidence for the effectiveness of your products?

All our formulas, as well as the ingredients used within, are based on the latest scientific data – making them practical applications of current nutrition sciences.

Our core principle is to develop and publish only products whose effectiveness is as universal as possible and easily observable by human senses. While some products’ effectiveness is noticeable immediately, others work best as long term applications.

The effectiveness of dietary supplements is always dependent on the overall condition of the individual, as well as on personal metabolism. Ones personal subjective experience is the best evidence. Our products enjoy very high customer satisfaction and repeat purchasing.

What is a good source of scientific information about dietary supplements?

A very good peer reviewed, science based and non-biased databank about micronutrients can be found here: https://examine.com.

We also recommend that the scientific evidence of the effects of individual raw materials be researched directly from original scientific sources. These are easily available from the bioscience article database PubMed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/.

Do your products have synergy effects with known medicines?

Our products can, on occasion, have synergy effects in situations where our product and the pharmaceutical product being used impact through the same metabolic paths.

If you are on continuous medication or suffer from a long term condition, we recommend that you check the compatibility of our product with your medication and your metabolic condition.

The amount of Vitamin B in your products is high compared to consumption recommendations. Can this be harmful?

Of our products, Shield, Peace and Drive contain vitamins from vitamin group B. The concentration of B Vitamins in them is not harmful when abiding to recommended doses.

Vitamin B12 is water-soluble and therefore safe in even very high concentrations.

Long term high doses of Vitamin B6 can cause symptoms such as paresthesia, so it is advised to pay attention to its total intake levels, as it is commonly added to various functional foods.

Are there differences in the chemical structures of vitamins?

Vitamins appear in many different forms in nature and in the human body. There can be significant differences, especially in qualities affecting the way they are absorbed into the bloodstream and further through to the central nervous system. Our aim is to use vitamins in forms that are most efficiently absorbed based on the latest research available. Usually this means a form which is closest to the form our bodies utilise in practise. With some vitamins, the active form does not absorb well, or is ruined in the stomach before being absorbed. In these situations we use a form that is well absorbed and that our bodies can quickly transform into its functional form.

Are your products allergenic?

Our products do not contain common allergenics. However, some of our plant-based ingredients can, in some cases, be allergenic. For example ashwagandha or Withania somnifera which is used in Peace belongs to the nightshade family of plants.

If you have rare or serious allergies, we recommend that you check the detailed list of ingredients either from our packaging materials or product specifications on our website. All of the ingredients in every product are always listed.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy and lactation?

We recommend that you abstain from using our products during pregnancy and lactation. All of the materials used in our products are safe, but there is not enough scientific research available to recommend using them specifically during that period.

Are your products gluten free?


Do your products contain additives?

No. All of our products are manufactured without additives, fillers or preservatives. By manufacturing our products ourselves, we can control the process and make them without process additives that are typically used.

What is the shell of the capsule made of?

Our capsules are made from plant-based cellulose (HPMC).

What size are your capsules?

We use standard 00-size capsules in all of our products. They measure 23 mm in length and 8 mm in diameter.

Are your products suitable for continuous use?

The recommended cycle of use depends on the product. Some products are designed for continuous daily use, and others for a regimen based consumption.

Should I have breaks in continuous use? Does the effectivity of your products decline in continuous use?

The recommendation for consumption is found in the instructions for use with every product. With some of our products we recommend cycles in use, which means there is a pause after every cycle.

We recommend intermittent pauses in the consumption of all phytonutrients and micronutrients with the exception of clear cases of micronutrient deficiency. This way the body does not get accustomed to the changes in the concentration of these compounds and the products retain their effectiveness. With some products, the effects accumulate with time.

Drive – what is the amount of caffeine per serving compared to coffee and energy drinks?

One capsule of Drive contains about 100mg of caffeine, which includes the caffeine in guarana. This is roughly equivalent of two cups of filter coffee or one 0,33l serving of an energy drink.

Your products contain some components that can be found in prescription drugs. Are they considered medicines?

Our products are classified as dietary supplements. Some of the ingredients, for example acetylcysteine and ginseng, are commonly used in foods and supplements and on occasion they can be used medically in treating illnesses.

Can I take your products overseas?

The legislation within the EU is harmonised in a way that makes our products permissible everywhere in the region. In other places the legislation varies from country to country. The basis is that our products do not contain any forbidden agents or concentrations that could be classified as medicines. We do recommend however that you check the legislation of the country you are planning to travel to, if it is outside of the EU and you are planning on bringing our products with you.

Should your products be consumed on an empty stomach or with a meal? Morning or evening? Should I always take the whole dose and can I take more than recommended?

The correct and timely intake of our products is pivotal in achieving the desired effect. The best way to consume our products varies with every product, and the instructions can be found in our product description.

Unless otherwise instructed, the products should be consumed on an empty stomach and with a moderate amount of fat or oil to add the absorption of fat-soluble compounds.

Amino acids compete in absorption with proteins, so the simultaneous consumption of proteins should be avoided. The same goes for polyphenols. Plant-based polyphenols are poorly absorbed from the stomach to the bloodstream and hence they are best consumed on an empty stomach. With some polyphenols, however, the absorption to the bloodstream in not necessary as the desired effectivity is achieved already in the stomach and large intestine.

The recommended dosage of our products contains an efficient amount of every effective compound as defined by scientific research. However, every body and metabolism is unique, so the effects are always personal. Be in tune with yourself and you body, but do not exceed the recommended maximum doses.

What is the difference between a medicinal plant and an extract from it?

A medicinal plant means the natural form of said plant in a dried form and containing its original concentration of compounds. The roots, seeds, leaves or the entire plant can be used.

Extracting is a chemical method of separation where, based on properties the specific desired compounds can be separated from the total solution. Water-based compounds are usually extracted with water, and fat-based compounds commonly with alcohol. For example, the preparation of tea is extracting: during the process hot water separates catechin and other water-based phytonutrients from the tea leaves into the drink.

The extract can be so called ”full spectrum”, which means a concentrate of the original plant containing all of its original components, or it can be standardised in a way that the quantities of effective compounds are always on a specified level, often higher than natural levels.

We also use individual extracted components from medicinal plants, for example quercetin, which can be found in onions among other plants.

Download our labels from here rohtos.com/labels