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Shield – Protection from Toxins

Urban environments, modern diet and bad habits subject our bodies to toxins and other harmful factors. Many of these are handled by metabolic process that can be supported with purposeful supplementation. Armor up with Shield!

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Been using Shield for bit more than 2 years. I am semi-professional semi-heavy drinker and thanks for asking, I know hangover well. Shield works great for one-night drinking (2 capsules are OK for me, cannot detect the effect of 3rd capssule). When binging, second day protection is lots lower and 3rd day near zero - but 3-day bender is a bad idea anyway and you'll get hangover. If you like to get drunk occasionally in semi-civilized manner, try it. With protection I mean how the product eases effects of hangover. Would I recommend the product? Of course. This "miracle medicine" is no snake oil.

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I really liked the Shield product, as it clearly makes me less hung over after partying.

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I have been using Rohtos Suoja for a while and really like it.


Armor Up

Preparing your body with an effective supplement can significantly help recovery from harmful substances. Help and protect your liver with Rohtos Labs Shield.

Shield is designed to support the effective operation of your endogenous toxin removal system and to protect toxin-exposed cells from damage.

Shield contains a multi-compound blend to support production and reuse of glutathione, a powerful internal antioxidant compound produced by the body. Glutathione is central to how our body reacts to the presence of toxins and oxidative stress. Shield also maintains levels of key vitamins and minerals that are depleted by stress factors and supports the liver in processing high levels of harmful substances.

What about hangover?

Shield is effective against the toxic carcinogen acetaldehyde, which is created when alcohol is burned in the body. Take Shield before indulging to feel significantly better the next morning.

Shield supports immune function and the liver. Compounds in Shield support glutathione metabolism, which ensures speedy cleanup of toxic substances such as alcohol by-products from the body. Shield also protects active liver cells from damage.

Shield supports active processing of toxins. Ill effects and nausea start when the body cannot keep up and harmful substances start to pile up. Compounds in Shield help the toxin removal system stay on par.

Shield helps with the nauseous feelings caused by toxin exposure. Nausea and other ill feelings correlate with the levels of toxic particles circulating in the body and suppressing their levels consequently minimizes nausea.

Shield helps minimize downtime from strenuous activity by helping active muscles suppress acidification in muscles during exercise.

Biochemistry of Alcohol

The body can only process a certain amount of alcohol at a time and remove it from the body. Acetaldehyde is the first byproduct of alcohol breakdown. It is very toxic and the speed of its processing is crucial for minimizing hangover. The speed depends on enzymes that break apart the alcohol molecule. Shield supports the breakdown process with a comprehensive set of compounds and cofactors.


Mechanism of Action

Enhances the body’s internal toxin handling and antioxidant capacity, and protects the liver.

Areas of Application

Toxin, pollution and microparticle exposure, mold exposure, recovery from strenuous exercise, liver health, low-level inflammation.

Duration of Effect

8–10 hours.


Preventive: take 3 capsules preventively before expected toxin exposure in the next 8–10 hours, preferably on an empty stomach.

Continuous support: take 1–3 capsules daily with off days from time to time, e.g. 5 days of use followed by 2 days off.

Goes Well With

Glycine, reduced Glutathione – for maintaining glutathione levels
Artichoke, Broccoli – for liver health
Dihydromyricetin – for processing alcohol
Chlorella, Ginseng – for nausea resulting from alcohol consumption
Maintain by Rohtos Labs – for a systemic antioxidant effect


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