Drive – Better Than Coffee

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Performance is improved when the level of alertness is good. Poor alertness affects reaction time, decision making, information processing and attention level. With correct supplementation, peak alertness can be reliably sustained for longer periods of time. Enter Drive.

Stay Alert

Drive by Rohtos Labs is designed to elevate mental energy and promote wakefulness naturally, reliably and in a manner that suits everyday use. Its formulation builds on the familiar and trustworthy effect of caffeine by combining it with a set of other natural compounds.

At the core of Drive is a combination of caffeine and L-theanine, a pairing that occurs naturally in green tea. The calming effect of theanine has evolved to perfectly balance caffeine’s stimulatory effect. Together they improve alertness and performance better than caffeine alone. In Drive, they are complemented by guarana, a source of additional stimulation over caffeine alone, amino acid ornithine to extend the duration of the effect, and vitamins B6 and B12, both of which are critical for efficient brain function.

Coffee Forever

The use of caffeine to stay awake and alert is a long-standing habit. After water, coffee is the most popular beverage and it is consumed worldwide in amounts of about 1.6 billion cups each day. Why? Coffee makes people feel focused, productive, and alert. For many, the taste is secondary. When it comes to its effects on physical performance, it should be noted that until 2004 the Olympic Committee had caffeine in its prohibited substances list.

  • Drive helps perform well mentally and learn more effectively, as being alert is essential to both. Drive counters poor alertness that is endemic in modern society due to the combined effects of inadequate sleep, constant distractions and hectic pace of life.
  • Drive helps with physical performance. A moderate dose of caffeine taken an hour before a hard training or competition has been shown to significantly increase performance compared to placebo. Other compounds in Drive even increase its performance-enhancing effects: improving reaction time further, providing mental balance by calming the nerves and extending the duration of the effect.
  • Drive minimizes caffeine’s negative attributes (uneven effect, anxiety, restlessness and increased blood pressure) and provides calm, balanced mental energy instead, with no jitters, no blood pressure increase and no crash when the effect ends.
  • Drive is well suited for everyday use. It is reliable, well tolerated and has zero calories.

On Theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid extracted from the leaves of the tea plant. It is responsible for some of the savoury umami notes in green tea, as well as some of green tea’s calming effects. Its most significant benefit is its ability to reliably reduce mental fatigue and stress in humans. It can also make coffee work better in a number of ways – by minimizing some of its adverse effects and synergizing with its stimulant effect. It has practically zero toxicity and builds tolerance only very slowly.

Mechanism of Action

Improved level of alertness and awakeness, balanced with calming effects.

Duration of Effect5-hour tangible effect.

Areas of Application

Key mental and physical performances, shift work, night work and field work, as a study-aid, as a pre-workout product, countering tiredness, as a coffee or energy drink replacement.


Take when necessary, 1 hour before preferred effect onset, 1–2 capsules at a time.

Things to Note

Do not consume more than four capsules per day. One capsule of Drive contains about 100 mg of caffeine, guarana’s caffeine content included. This equals roughly one mug of filter coffee or a double espresso. If you also consume coffee, yerba mate or energy drinks, please take also their caffeine content into consideration.

Goes Well With

Brewed coffee and tea – for modulating and balancing their inherent effects
ALCAR – for focus
Sources of Choline – for focus
Curcumin, Milk Thistle – for extending caffeine’s stimulatory effect

Active ingredients

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12