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Honey + Eleuthero  + Rhodiola Rosea

Developed and Manufactured in the Far North.

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I have been using Rohtos Labs Peace for a while now and for me it works for my anxiety! Love that the product is natural and without additives.

Maria Rantanen

Peace is the best. It interrupts my stresses and makes me get a hold on time that keeps getting lost into everyday fuzz. Works well with a good cup of coffee and a book.

Heikki K.

After 2 months now trying out Overpower I must say that this gives me more energy to boost my training and therefore better results. It seems like I am recovering faster and ready for the next hard workout without any problems. 

Eirik Solen

My choice is Rohtos Labs.

Hanna Neugebauer

Our products consist of 100% bioactive compounds


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