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Reach Your Athletic Potential with Overpower – 100% Plant Based Performance Enhancer

Overpower is a herbal extract system that trains the body to better combat stress. It activates the same body functions as physical practice, caloric restriction, heat/cold exposure and high-altitude training.
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Choose your dose based on your daily total caloric expenditure. 
The subscription is delivered monthly.

3+3 caps/day

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Everyday Stress Control – Safe and 100% natural stress-reducing supplement. 

Peace is formulated from the best possible ingredients. The blend relaxes and lowers stress hormone and helps you sleep better.
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Pre-Designed Packs

Athletes Choice

• Performance
• Recovery
• 3+3 Capsules/Day

Power Honey Bundle

• Functional Honey, 4 Bottles
• Power & Endurance

Immune Boost Bundle

• Immune Boost
• Metabolism Activator

No Stress Bundle

• Lower Your Stress Levels
• Better Sleep Quality


For Your Immune System

• Helps the body get rid of pathogens and metabolic waste

• Protects the liver when removing harmful substances from the body

Metabolism Booster

• Full of healthy natural polyphenols

• Excellent supplement for wellness-oriented persons

Fast Energy

• Fast energy, take as needed

• “Cup of coffee anywhere”, smooth and effective

Focus & Memory

• Focus booster, take as needed

• Designed to boost memory and concentration 

TRUSTPILOT Customer Quotes



Sweet dreams are made of Peace!

I have tried Overpower. First of all I was impressed by the list of ingredients of this product. I had more energy and vitality, better stamina, less stress and overall better state of mind! Overall very happy and I will definitely re-order and also recommend to friends. The customer service is excellent and the packaging and delivery are also excellent. I will try other products from Rohtos for sure. Very happy having discovered this company.

Hanna Neugebauer


Overpower and Maintain

I'm using Overpower and Maintain. Overpower to support my training and it works perfectly, helps me recover faster and its lowering my heart rate. Maintain I use to support my metabolism. I've been using Rohtos Labs products for one year now and I'll keep using them, happy with the results!



Sweet dreams are made of Peace!

I have used Peace for many months now to help improve my sleep and it truly works. This is the only natural product to do so. I can recommend.

Stress Resiliency

"Overpower helps me recover faster"
Noora Honkala, Professional Ultra Runner