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Safe, natural and effective.
Approved by EU authorities.
Nordic quality.


Systemic performance support.


Stress and anxiety control.


Metabolic support.


Protection from toxins.


Supports memory and concentration.


Natural stimulant.

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I'm on medication which depletes acetylcholine levels and I'm using Mental (2 caps. per day) successfully to maintain healthy levels. Drive (2 caps. per day) gives me just right amount of energy in the morning. Quality products!

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Overpower by Rohtos was recommended to me by a fellow competitior within CrossFit. After 2 months now trying out Overpower I must say that this gives me more energy to boost my training and therefore better results. It seems like I am recovering faster and ready for the next hard workout without any problems. The blood test also shows positive trends after only a few weeks. Excited to keep using this and to take new blood tests to support the feeling I have by using OP. Thank you Rothos! Eirik

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Been using Shield for bit more than 2 years. I am semi-professional semi-heavy drinker and thanks for asking, I know hangover well. Shield works great for one-night drinking (2 capsules are OK for me, cannot detect the effect of 3rd capssule). When binging, second day protection is lots lower and 3rd day near zero - but 3-day bender is a bad idea anyway and you'll get hangover. If you like to get drunk occasionally in semi-civilized manner, try it. With protection I mean how the product eases effects of hangover. Would I recommend the product? Of course. This "miracle medicine" is no snake oil.


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