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Mental – Focus booster

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Remote work, remote school, hectic life and uncertainty make it a challenge to be wholly present. Precise supplementation can help with focus, memory and shutting out disturbances. Get focus-intensive things done and keep on top of things.

The ultimate competitive advantage is being fully present

Mental by Rohtos Labs is designed to support concentration and memory by sharpening the active mind and deepening immersion to the task at hand.

Some nutrients have the potential to support cognitive abilities, brain health and mental function by acting on molecular systems, cellular processes and the cardiovascular system – all vital for maintaining cognitive function.

Mental contains a harmonic blend of seven powerful nootropics and adaptogens, including Ginkgo biloba, Rhodiola rosea, citicoline, and pine bark extract, which together provide the brain with a compounded effect of classical herbal remedies combined with highly bioavailable neuronutrients.



Mechanism of Action

Biochemical support of brain function by providing neural building blocks, supporting blood flow, modulating focus-, memory- and mood-related neurotransmission, and by suppressing oxidative stress.

Areas of Application

Attention-demanding tasks, memorization and learning, knowledge-based work, prevention of memory issues, supporting healthy blood flow across the body.

Duration of Effect

5 hours of active concentration support. 12 hours for the antioxidative effect.


Take mental 1–4 hours before optimal focus and memory is required, 2 capsules at a time, on an empty stomach.

Continuous use will provide compounded effects especially with regards to brain inflammation suppression.

A small amount of dietary fats (such as olive or MCT oil) will help with absorption of the fat-soluble compounds in Mental.

Things to Note

Niacin (vitamin B3) may cause temporary skin flushing or itching on some people. This effect, known as “niacin flush” is related to the increase in blood flow. It is harmless and will recede in a few days with continued use.

Goes Well With

  • DHA fatty acids – for brain health
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – for central nervous-system antioxidation
  • Raw cocoa – for cognitive support
  • Drive by Rohtos Labs – for alertness + focus