Manufacturing services

We offer small batch, private label manufacturing services for capsule-form dietary supplements based on our own manufacturing facility in Finland. 

Our services include formulation, ingredient sourcing, EU regulatory compliance check, manufacturing, packaging, storage and logistics. Our manufacturing process does not require any fillers or additives and we use vegan (HPMC) capsules.

Our small batch manufacturing process formulates and compiles the different components of a product in the smallest feasible batch, thus minimizing the upfront capital required to test a supplement product. Much of the cost in the new product development process is due to producing the inventory to sell to consumers. This requires a lot of up-front investment with no guarantees of consumer traction.

Small batch production is highly suitable for new products that require a high degree of flexibility, or for specialized products with low volume, or with customizable features. Our small batch manufacturing service is also advantageous when demand is either unknown, or for an environment where consumer preferences change rapidly.

Small batch production enables a total cost-efficient supply of products that can be quickly tested on the market, with manufacturing turnaround times as low as 6 – 12 weeks (depending on formulation, availability of raw materials and packaging). This reduces manufacturing risk and is more flexible in meeting consumer demand.


  • Quality Final Product
  • Cost control
  • Quick turnaround time
  • A Product Testing With Reduced Waste

Case examples

Forest Spa Finland

Ruohonjuuri - ILO

Pinena pine bark extract