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Maintain – Metabolic booster

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Maintain - Metabolic booster

Life causes progressive wear and tear, which polyphenols can help reduce. The activating and protective effects of these organic chemicals include better handling of oxygen, fats, sugars and stress, healthy cell renewal and superb capacity to fight inflammation. Scientific evidence suggests that the more polyphenols we consume, the fewer health issues we face.

Metabolic Activator

Maintain by Rohtos Labs is designed to conveniently maintain daily health through activation of life-sustaining biochemical reactions across the body system. Compounds in Maintain help the body tackle inflammation, support immune, hormone and nervous systems and augment macronutrient metabolism.

Maintain’s formulation is based on the utilization of the best, science-proven, health-promoting organic chemicals in correct dosages – Matcha and green tea extract for theanine and a full spectrum of tea polyphenols, broccoli extract and quercetin and piperine as  isolated compounds.

  • Green tea, broccoli and quercetin, all subjects of thorough scientific research  support each other in proven synergy. Maintain contains a full spectrum of their active ingredients in superior forms, with each dose equaling multiple servings of green tea and broccoli sprouts.
  • Compounds in Maintain have been shown to support multiple facets of immune function from histamine release, inflammation control to inhibition of viruses.
  • Maintain may help calm and balance the body. Its ingredients are proven to help with tackling inflammation. Sulforaphane from broccoli has shown efficacy with supporting lung function. Theanine and polyphenols from green tea exert a calming effect through neurotransmission and the nervous system – effects that are well known to tea drinkers.
  • Maintain may help with improving body composition, especially when combined with movement. Green tea has been shown to increase fat burn in conjunction with exercise and this effect is compounded over time. Sulforaphane from broccoli supports muscle growth by acting on proteins controlling muscle synthesis.

Mechanism of Action

Broad activation of metabolic processes, immune support, anti-inflammatory.


2–8 capsules per day.

Things to note

It is recommended to take Maintain on an empty stomach. Especially proteins hinder the absorption of its plant-based bioactive ingredients.

The amount of organic chemicals contained in Rohtos Labs Maintain are well within safe limits. According to EFSA recommendation, up to 800 mg of green tea catechins (EGCG) daily is considered safe (equaling 16 capsules of Maintain).

Goes Well With

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