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Serene Bundle – Wellness combo

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Serene Bundle – Wellness combo


  • 2 x Peace
  • 1 x Maintain

A synergistic supplement combo

For calmness, mental fortitude and relief from mental and physical symptoms of stress. The Serene Bundle is a comprehensive system for cultivating peace of mind, supporting mental stamina and having a less stressed body system in the face of external everyday stressors. 

The Serene Bundle combines two bottles of Peace and a bottle of Maintain for a straightforward and continuous 30-day course. Both Peace and Maintain formulations share a common backbone in green tea based bioactive compounds. The Serene Bundle yields ideal daily doses of tea polyphenols, the anxiolytic herb ashwagandha as a superb extract, energizing B vitamins, and amino acids tyrosine and theanine for de-stress effects across the body system.

Cultivate Calmness

Calmness is a mental state free from agitation, overexcitement or disturbance. It is a quality that can be effectively cultivated and increased with practice, meditation, breathing techniques and select supplements.

Stress and Inflammation

Serene Bundle addresses key reactions caused by continued stress. It modulates stress hormone levels, balances parts of the nervous system responsible for activity vs. relaxation and supports neurotransmission related to willpower and motivation.

The Serene Bundle helps suppress systemic inflammation, which in turn helps with normal stress hormone function and maintaining motivation.

The benefits of Serene Bundle cumulate over time in prolonged use. A 30-day course is sufficient to reach the full benefits of its key compounds.

25% discount from the price of 2 x Peace and 1 x Maintain as single items.

Serene Bundle - A holiday season lifesaver

Prolonged stress causes inflammation, which drives up cortisol levels. Evidence shows that the brain's dopamine system, which drives motivation, is directly affected by inflammation. Since lifestyle factors are generally the most significant modulators of inflammation, nutritional choices can make a huge difference.


2 + 2 capsules of Peace + Maintain per day. Take 2 capsules of Peace in the morning and 2 capsules of Maintain in the afternoon when the stomach is at its emptiest.

Things to note

It is recommended to take Peace and Maintain on an empty stomach. Especially proteins hinder the absorption of plant-based bioactive ingredients and amino acids in the Serene Bundle. The amount of organic chemicals contained in Rohtos Labs Peace and Maintain are well within safe limits. According to EFSA recommendation, up to 800 mg of green tea catechins (EGCG) daily is considered safe. A 2 + 2 dose of Peace + Maintain contains 230 mg of EGCG.