Overpower – Physical Performance Support

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Better stamina and endurance. Less fatigue. Improved recovery. Better training effect from both endurance and resistance training. Certain herbals improve active body function. When combined, their effects are compounded.

Physical Performance Support

Overpower is designed to help maintain stamina and endurance under heavy strain by optimizing stress responses in all active organ systems – muscular, nervous, circulatory, endocrine and respiratory.

Overpower’s 100% natural formulation contains a blend of 10 herbal compounds. All ingredients are nutraceutical-grade extracts of the highest quality.

Overpower contains extracts of five of the best, science-proven performance-supporting adaptogenic herbs: Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, Cordyceps militaris, Ginseng and Rhodiola rosea. They are complemented by five other natural ingredients such as Shilajit and Mucuna bean to augment the adaptogenic effect and to supply crucial micronutrients into active tissues.

Adaptogens enable the body to withstand more physical stress and sustain activity by adapting the functioning of stressed organ systems. They accelerate the production and release of certain hormones and proteins – and decelerate it for others. They increase the rates of oxygen, protein, fat and carbohydrate utilization. They modulate key physiological parameters such as the resting heart rate and the respiratory rate.

Using multiple adaptogens simultaneously boosts and extends their effect, resulting in allround performance support.

Due to its nature, Overpower is highly versatile. It is being used across a range of activities – resistance training, ultra endurance activities, HIIT, combat sports, recovery from overtraining, lowering base heart rates and more.

  • Muscular system: compounds in Overpower have been shown to suppress lactic acid buildup, boost ATP production, increase fat burning and act as superb electrolytes to deliver micronutrients into active muscle tissue.
  • Nervous system: compounds in Overpower have been shown to stimulate neurotransmission responsible for willpower, motivation, learning and fine motor skills.
  • Endocrine system: compounds in Overpower have been shown to help grow muscle and to suppress catabolic processes by modulating hormonal production cascades over multiple phases.
  • Respiratory system: compounds in Overpower have been shown to raise the ventilatory threshold and improve respiratory rate and VO2max.
  • Circulatory system: compounds in Overpower have been shown to modulate the resting heart rate and its recovery, as well as modulate nitric oxide production and therefore improve circulation and nutrient delivery.

Goes well with


For modulating blood sugar and energy preference, provisioning electrolytes, and suppressing the “keto flu” symptom

DHEA, Pregnenolone
Supplying steroid hormone precursors

Pomegranate juice
For weight training

For lung function and oxygen intake


For performing in hot conditions

For muscle recovery

Maintain by Rohtos Labs
For intra-exercise fat oxidation, reduced carb oxidation, steroid hormone balance, muscle synthesis.

Mechanism of Action

Broad modulation of interconnected cellular stress reactions.

Areas of Application

Maintaining stamina and endurance across multiple physiological factors. Improving training response from endurance and resistance exercise. Improving recovery and quality of rest. Recovering from overtraining and hypogonadism. Reducing the risk of overtraining. Extended field operations.

Duration of Effect



Overpower has a flexible dosing range, ie. the suitable dose varies according to individual response and amount of external stress.

The recommended dose for active athletes is 3 capsules of Overpower Alpha and 3 capsules of Overpower Omega per day. This dose is suited for frequent exercise or when under strain.

Smaller doses of Alpha and Omega are recommended for more sedentary individuals, or when experiencing less strain and stress. We recommend trying out different dosing combinations to find the best individual response.

We recommend that the Alpha dose is taken in the morning or before noon, preferably at or near the same time every day. The recommended intake time for OP Omega is more flexible. It can be taken simultaneously with Alpha or e.g. an hour before exercise, or in the afternoon to boost OP Alpha and to provide energy for the rest of the day. We recommend that Omega is not taken late in the evening (unless the user is active at night-time), as it may affect sleep.

Things to note

Adaptogens are low in toxicity, have no tolerance build-up and possess no abuse potential. They do not alter the state of consciousness and their long-term use has not been reported to cause any psychological side effects.

The amounts of bioactive compounds in an Overpower dose correspond with the dosages that have induced verified performance-supporting results in both Rohtos Labs’ own product tests as well as scientific research by others. In general, the amounts of adaptogenic extracts in an Overpower dose fall into the low dose stimulatory range of concentrations.

If you are on medication, please consult your doctor for possible interactions.