Rohtos Labs and pro ultrarunner Noora Honkala announce partnership

Rohtos Labs and pro ultrarunner Noora Honkala announce partnership

Press Release 16.06.2020

Rohtos Labs, a provider of functional supplements for sports and wellness, announces the addition of a new elite athlete to its roster of sports partners.

Noora Honkala (28), is an Ironman and Duathlon athlete, an elite runner for Half Marathon and Marathon and the holder of national record in 50 km, 100 km, 100 mi, 6-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour events.

She is the youngest female competitor to finish the Sparthatlon, a 246 km ultramarathon classic held annually in Greece. Noora Honkala’s future goals include a rise to the top in the World Championships of 100 km and 24-hour running.

The partnership is based on regimented utilization of adaptogenic herbs and other micronutrients in Rohtos Labs “Overpower Pro” supplementation program over the full ultrarunning season, and on utilizing biomarkers and physiological monitoring to measure the efficacy of the regimen on performance and recovery parameters. 

“We are excited about our cooperation with Noora as we have natural, effective and proven means to help with Noora’s performance level and recovery over the grueling ultra-long distance running season, and share the same values of professionalism and dedication to ambitious targets and clean sports.”, says Marko Mäkinen, Managing Director of Rohtos Labs.

Noora Honkala states “We are confident that Rohtos Labs products will provide significantly effective condition support for my training, off-seasons and race season. I am also excited to see how the products will modulate my stress levels during and after my hard training. Rohtos Labs is known for its use of quality ingredients and delivering on their promises.”

Rohtos Labs’ sport partners range from sports scientists and nutrition specialists to dedicated amateurs and international-level pro athletes in various endurance sports, sharing common interests in clean sport and improved performance through functional nutrition.

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