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Rohtos Labs & Hotel Punkaharju

In this video, Hotel Punkaharju proprietor Saimi Hoyer and Chef Sami Tallberg discuss our joint venture into progressive employee happiness and personal productivity, as well as their personal feelings on the effects of select Rohtos Labs supplements.

In 1845, when Finland was an autonomous part of Russia, Tsar Nicholas I ordered a ranger’s lodge to be built with room for travelers at Punkaharju, Finland, a municipality famous for its beautiful scenery. Over time, the building was transformed into the internationally renowned Punkaharjun Valtionhotelli, the oldest state hotel in Finland. In 2016, the hotel underwent a complete renovation and the hotel’s story now continues as an independent operator under the name Hotel Punkaharju.

Summer season 2020

During the summer season of 2020, Hotel Punkaharju has been offering a special menu designed and overseen by the Master Chef Sami Tallberg, consisting of fresh local produce and foraged, wild ingredients. 

This seasonal offering has been fully booked and the kitchen team has been working around the clock with a typically hectic pace. With this situation in mind, Sami contacted us at Rohtos Labs to see how we could maintain the kitchen team’s focus and stamina and keep their stress levels low.

Saimi Hoyer & Sami Tallberg

Overpower (Ylivoima) in the kitchen.

We have been collaborating with Sami in biohacking food and adding functionality to foodstuffs. Together, we decided on an over-the-season supplementation regimen for the whole kitchen team, based on a medium daily dose of our Overpower product, augmented with Shield supplementation to help with recovery and to help keep any sickness at bay. In addition, Hotel Punkaharju’s rooms were furnished with our Gohoney product as a welcoming gift to visitors to provide them with energy and stamina during their stay at Punkaharju.

We’re happy to say our project was a success, with the objectives of all parties met and with all participants feeling well and content on a personal level.

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